ClassDayDateLesson. MAT1275CO D010SectionWeBWorK Set
PART 1: Expressions
1M29-Jan1.1.1: IntegersChapter 1 Expressions-Arithmetic-Integers
2Tu30-Jan1.1.2: FractionsChapter 2Expressions-Arithmetic-Fractions
3W31-Jan1.1.3: Order of Operations and Introduction to ExpressionsExpressions-Arithmetic-Order of Operations
Expressions-Arithmetic-Introduction to Expressions
1.1 Arithmetic
4M5-Feb1.1.4: Integer Exponents
1.2 Polynomials
5Tu6-Feb1.2.1: Linear ExpressionsChapter 3
6W7-Feb1.2.2: Evaluating, Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
1.2.3: Multiplying Polynomials
1.2.4: Powers of Monomials and Binomials
1.2.5: Dividing Polynomials
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
7Tu13-Feb1.2.6: The Greatest Common Factor and Factoring by Grouping
1.2.7: Factoring Trinomials
8W14-Feb1.2.8: Factoring Special Products
1.2.9: General Strategy for Factoring Polynomials
1.3 Rational Expressions
9Tu20-Feb1.3.1: Integer Exponents: a Review with Variables
Chapter 7
10W21-Feb1.3.2: Simplifying, Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
11Th22-FebMonday Schedule
1.3.3: Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
12M26-Feb1.3.4: Complex Rational Expressions
13Tu27-FebTest 1
1.4: Radical ExpressionsChapter 8
14W28-Feb1.4.1: Radical Expressions
1.4.2: Simplifying Radical Expressions
Chapter 9Expressions-Radical Expressions-Rational Exponents
Expressions-Radical Expressions-Higher Roots Algebraic
Expressions-Radical Expressions-Higher Roots Numeric
15M4-Mar1.4.3: Rational Expressions
1.4.4: Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Radical Expressions
Expressions-Radical Expressions-Multiplying
Expressions-Radical Expressions-Adding and Subtracting
16Tu5-Mar1.4.5: Dividing Radical ExpressionsExpressions-Radical Expressions-Dividing and Rationalizing Denominators
17W6-Mar1.4.6: Complex NumbersExpressions-Radical Expressions-Complex Numbers
PART 2: Equations with One Unknown
2.1 Linear Equations
18M11-Mar2.1: Linear Equations
19Tu12-Mar2.2.2: Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Square Root PropertyChapters 10 and 11
20W13-Mar2.2.3: Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square
21M18-Mar2.2.4: Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula
22Tu19-Mar2.2.5: Applications of Quadratic Equations
2.2 Quadratic Equations
23W20-Mar2.3: Polynomial EquationsChapter 12
24M25-Mar2.4: Rational EquationsChapter 13
25Tu26-Mar2.5: Radical Equations
26W27-MarChapter 14
27M1-AprTest 2
PART 3:Graphs and Equations with Two Variables
28Tu2-Apr3.1.1: Graphing Linear Equations with Two VariablesChapter 15
29W3-Apr3.1.2: Slope of a Line
3.1.3: Finding the Equation of a Line
30M8-Apr3.2.1: Geometric Description and Solutions of Two Particular Equations: the Circle and the ParabolaChapter 16
31Tu9-Apr3.2.2: Graphs of Certain Quadratic Equations: Part I
3.2.3: Graphs of Certain Quadratic Equations: Part II
32W10-Apr3.3.1: Systems of Linear Equations with Two VariablesChapter 16
33M16-Apr3.3.2: Systems of Nonlinear Equations with Two Variables
Part 4: Introduction to Trigonometry and Transcendental Expressions
34Tu16-AprMore on Quadratic Equations
35W17-AprMore on Quadratic Equations
M22-AprSpring Recess
Tu23-AprSpring Recess
W24-AprSpring Recess
M29-AprSpring Recess
Tu30-AprSpring Recess
36W1-May4.1.1: Angles and Triangles
4.1.2: Right Triangles and Trigonometric Ratios
Chapter 17
37M6-May4.1.3: Angles on the Coordinate Plane
4.1.4: Unit Circle
Chapter 18
38Tu7-May4.2: Trigonometric EquationsChapter 19
39W8-MayThe Law Of Sines and the Law of CosinesSpecial TextLawOfSines LawOfCosines
40M13-MayMore on Trigonometry
39Tu14-May4.3.1: Evaluating Exponential ExpressionsTranscendental-Exponential Expressions and Applications
40W15-May4.3.2: Evaluating Logarithmic ExpressionsTranscendental-Logarithms
Transcendental-Properties of Logarithms
Tu21-MayLast Class
41W22-MayFinal Exam
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