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Exam 3 will be Monday, April 1

Here are practice problems for the exam:

Zero Product Rule

Solve $latex (x-2) (3x-7)=0$

Radical Equations

Solve $latex \sqrt{7s-3} +2 = 0$

Quadratic Equations

$latex \frac{1}{2}x^{2}+4=24$

$latex 2x^{2}+9x-5=0$

Rational Equations

$latex \frac{x}{x+6}=\frac{4}{7}$

$latex 1-\frac {5}{y}=-\frac{6}{y^{2}}$


Give a polynomial of degree 4 with roots 2,3,−1 and 0. You can keep it in factored form.

6-point process:

Apply the 6-point discussion to any of the above problems.

Exam 2 will be Monday, March 11

Here are practice problems for the exam:

Radical Expressions

Solve $latex (7+\sqrt3) (7-\sqrt3)$

Evaluate $latex 16^{3/2}$

Simplify $latex \frac{4}{3}ab\sqrt{18a^3}+\frac{1}{2}\sqrt{8a^5b^2}$

Complex Numbers

Simplify $latex \sqrt{-36}$

Multiply $latex (7-2i)(4+i)$

Evaluate $latex i^{26}$

Complex Fractions

Apply the 6-point process to the complex fraction below. Then actually simplify it according to your “strategy”

Simplify $latex \frac{ \frac{3}{y^{2} }+\frac{1}{y} } {\frac{9}{y^{2}}-1} $

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