Checklist: make sure that you have done all of the following, which were assigned in the first three weeks of class!


\Box┬áChange your CUNYfirst email (if necessary) to one you regularly check. Just log in to your CUNYfirst account and go to “Self Service” and then to “Personal Information” and then “Email Address”.



\Box Set up your Citytech email to forward to an email account your regularly check, if necessary. See here:

here are instructions about forwarding CityTech email to another email address



\Box Register in OpenLab and join this course. Optional, but helpful. See here:

Creating an account

Joining a Course,


\Box Log in to WeBWorK. See here:




\Box Change your password and enter an email address in WeBWorK. Same link as above.



\Box Join the Piazza discussion group, either using the email you were sent (if you replied to the Exercise 1.1 Warm-Up) or by following the link. Make sure that I can recognize you as a student enrolled in this class when you give your full name.



\Box Join the Piazza group (MW or TTh) inside the discussion group, according to your section. This is important because some posts (like Warm-Ups) will only be posted to the group, not to the everybody.



If you’ve been doing what was assigned all along, you’ve already done these things. Otherwise, you’ve got a session of internet in front of you. Do it today!

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