Wednesday 14 May class


• Geometric sequences and the general formula for the nth term of a geometric sequence

• Finding the sum of the first k terms of a geometric sequence (also called the kth partial sum)

• Finding the sum of a geometric series when |r| < 1



• Review the definitions and formulas, and the examples we discussed.

• Do the assigned parts of Exercises 24.1, 24.2, 24.3, 24.4

• Try doing 25.5 if you are interested (read the examples first)

• Do the WeBWorK – due by Sunday 11 PM (along with the previously assigned WeBWorK)

• Don’t forget to prepare your Final Exam review problems for Monday! You can also use the Piazza discussion board to discuss them.

See this separate post for an important announcement from the Math Department about the Final Exam.

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