Wednesday 7 May class


• Vectors in the plane

• Magnitude and direction angle of a vector

• Unit vectors

• Scalar multiplication

• Vector addition


• Quick introduction to sequences (Session 23, Ex. 23.2 and 23.3)



• Review the definitions, terminology, and notation in the examples regarding vectors. Most of it should be familiar from complex numbers: we just use different names and notation.

• Do the assigned problems from Session 22

• Do the assigned parts of Exercise 23.1 [It’s a good idea to look at the terms you get and ask if they are giving an arithmetic sequence, a geometric sequence, or neither.]

• No Warm-Up because Test 4 is next time. Please see the Piazza discussion board where you can find graphs for the Test 4 review problems and also more information about which sessions the problems refer to.

• Do the WeBWorK (due Tuesday evening, the day after Test 4, by 11 PM).

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