WeBWorK information

Signing on to WeBWorK for the first time:

• Go to the course blog in OpenLab and look for today’s post. There will be a link on each day’s post when there is WeBWorK homework due.

Or you can go directly to mathww.citytech.cuny.edu/webwork2. However, be aware that you are required to check the course blog on a regular basis for details about all homework and other information.

• Click on the link MAT1375-Shaver-MW or MAT1375-Shaver-TTh, according to the days your section meets.

• in the login screen, enter your login name and password. Your initial login and password are the same thing: your first initial followed by your last name, all lower-case. [For example, my login is sshaver.]

• Very important: Once you are logged in, go to the Password/Email link on the left side of the page under “Main Menu”’ and change your password

• Also enter an email address that will be used to contact you or reply to questions you ask while using WeBWorK. Please use an address that belongs to you only.

Once you have completed the steps above, look at the Orientation assignment. When you open the assignment, look over the page carefully. Look first at the information given in the box at the right side of the page. Then you can start working on the problems. This assignment is designed to familiarize you with WeBWorK and how you enter your answers. You can keep playing with this Orientation assignment throughout the semester whenever you feel the need.

When you have some familiarity with WeBWorK, go on to the regular assignment. Usually, the assignments will always be due 11 PM the night before the next class meeting after they are assigned. Start working well in advance of the due date and time so that you can have time to redo problems whose answers are incorrect, and so that you will not have to rush. (Please consult the course information sheet for policy on extensions.)

You may usually resubmit a new answer to a problem if you get it wrong. If you need to redo any problem, you can and should consult your notes, the textbook, discuss with another student, post questions to the blog, etc. before you submit a new answer. Note that usually each student will receive a different version of the problem, although they will be similar.

At the bottom of each assignment is a button you can use to email me if you encounter any difficulties using WeBWorK or if you believe that your answers are correct but they are being marked wrong. Please do not use this to ask how to do a problem: rather, just for questions related to WeBWorK itself.


If you have trouble working a problem, please use the Piazza discussion board and remember to tell us the problem you are working on (not just the problem number), since different people may have different versions of the problems.

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