Announcement from the Math Department about the Final Exam


Announcement from the Mathematics Department:

 All students, without exception, are expected to appear at the scheduled time and place for their final examination in mathematics. [For this course, that means Wednesday 21 May 2014, 8:00 AM, in our normal room.]

1. Students who are absent for the final examination will receive a final grade of “F”, “WN”, “WU” or “I”.

 2. An “I” grade will only be given to students who have a passing average going into the final. [Passing average means 60%]

 Please note: An “I” grade will affect a student’s ability to register for the next semester and to receive financial aid. An “I” grade must be removed by taking a makeup final or else it changes into an “F”.

 Make-up final examinations will be given only on the last day of summer session I.

 3. Students requesting make-up exams must make arrangements with the department secretary in room N711 in advance. They should bring the following information and documents:

 * Instructor’s names and mathematics section

 * Grade report for the semester

 * Bursar’s receipt showing that the $25.00 exam fee has been paid

 * Written excuse for absence from final examination, such as doctor’s note for illenss or funeral notice for death in family

 * Validated NYCCT I.D. Card


4. A student who missed the final examination should contact his/her instructor or the Mathematics Department as soon as possible. [Note from Prof. Shaver: if you have been excessively absent (more than twice) during the term and also miss the final exam, you should definitely contact me, because otherwise I may assign you a grade of “WU” under the assumption that you’ve unofficially withdrawn from the course.]

 Students should not come to the Mathematics Department to find out their grades. The college will mail the grades. Students can access CUNYFirst to find out their grade.


[Note from Prof. Shaver: When the grades are finished I will also send out email via WeBWorK, as I did at midterm.]

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