Product Photoshoots

One of the major projects during this internship was to create consistent visual content for social media, especially Instagram. Initially we had a very inconsistent feed.IMG_6386 IMG_6387

It felt like we weren’t giving enough attention to our feed. But before I joined, it was Monil who was handling this, while running the startup. So we came up with a plan. We would use shots of NYC (rainy, snowy, depending on the weather) to relate best with our demographic, and additionally, we would use product shots which consistent colors of the Antandre brand. I already had a lot of NYC photos that I had taken in the past (See some on my flickr.) So that was sorted. We needed some product shots. So for about a week, I took a bunch of product shots at the office. Monil was occupied with some other work, so I was by myself in the conference shooting away for hours. It was fun because I had unlimited freedom in terms of creativity.

SAP_0954 SAP_0963

The two above images were test shots from the first day of shoot, just to get a hang of things. I was familiar with the products by looking at them on our website. But when Monil handed them to me, I was fascinated by the size of it. They were really tiny. It was a challenge to capture them through a regular lens. So Monil gave me a macro tube extension which helped in capturing the details of the product.SAP_1053SAP_1045 SAP_1110 SAP_1082

In these photos, it might seem that these pieces are huge, but in reality they are extremely tiny. So after a whole day of photoshoot, we selected about 40 photos that we would use for Instagram, and eventually for the website.