One very important aspect of selling jewelry is to have a lookbook. Viewing the images on webpages doesn’t give you any background on what the pieces would look like on you. With lookbook, you get a bit of context. That’s exactly what we were trying to achieve. So did some brainstorming and I made a quick layout. Monil liked it very much. So we just kept refining until we were satisfied. However, one road block we faced was that Monil wanted to take new pictures of the inventory, so we can use that for the website and for the lookbook as well. He wanted to get it done through an outside photographer. The below lookbook has the old product images but the basic layout will be the same.

LookBook LookBook2 LookBook3 LookBook4 LookBook5 LookBook7 LookBook8 LookBook9 LookBook10 LookBook11 LookBook12 LookBook13 LookBook15 LookBook16 LookBook17