Home Try On Shoot

After planning this shoot for more than three months, we finally decided on the date, model and make-up artist: Friday 20th of May, 2016, with Autumn as the model, and Maria as the MUA. We had done enough research and planning for this shoot, but it was just a matter of getting everyone together. Autumn had confirmed via email that the date worked for her. However, two days before the shoot, on Wednesday, Autumn emails Monil saying she can’t make it to the shoot. PANIC MODE! We had planned so much for this and the model bailed out last minute. It would’ve almost been impossible to find the right model in such a short amount of time. So for the time being, the shoot was off. Right away, Monil emailed two backup models. By Wednesday evening, Laura responded saying she was available to shoot for Friday. *Fingers crossed*. The shoot was on again.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 6.12.35 PM

On Friday, I took the train and bus to NJ, at Monil’s house where the shoot was going to take place. By the time I got there, Laura was already there. We introduced each other. Within 10-15 minutes, Maria came. So Maria started doing the make up on Laura, while me and Monil scouted out each location within the house we could potentially use. It took almost an hour for the make up to finish.

With the Home Try On shoot, we wanted to show the entire HTO model in three images. So instead of reading three paragraphs of copy, we decided to condense it down to three visuals and some supporting copy.

  1. Model on laptop, browsing through the website and picking the products she liked.
  2. Model on couch, trying on the jewelry.
  3. Model with shipping box, shipping the jewelry back.

We started the shoot with Laura browsing on a laptop. We took some shots by the TV, but we weren’t satisfied with the images. So decided to move to another location.SAP_3539

The second location worked out much better. We did a lot of takes: her smiling, flipping her hair, picking up a cup of coffee etc. Once we were satisfied with the images, I switched to video and got a few clips of her doing the same thing.


Laura changed her outfit and we were on to the second image, which was her trying the jewelry. Again, we did a lot of takes and after we were satisfied, I got some video clips as well. SAP_3753

The third shot was fairly easy, and didn’t require that many takes.



So within a few hours, we got the three main images we wanted. After that, we wanted an image for the landing page for HTO. We did a lot of takes for this. SAP_3872

Then, since the weather was nice, we decided to take some shots outdoors. SAP_4013





The entire shoot lasted around 4 hours. We got everything we needed. Laura was very easy to work with. She was very patient and friendly.

This shoot would also conclude my internship. I still had to update the lookbook, mockups and make the HTO video. But no more new projects!