The Hunt and Lucky Break


I was initially skeptical when I registered for this COMD4900 course in the fall of 2015. I knew that I would graduate soon, but that meant going out and looking for internships and jobs. It was like being a kid, you wanted to grow up, but then when you grew up, you wanted to be a kid. So, naturally, since I got in to college, I wanted to graduate. I wasn’t a big fan of assignments and homework. So I wanted to graduate as soon as I possibly could, and do some freelance work. Now that I’m in the phase of graduating, I don’t want to graduate. I will greatly miss all the professors who have helped cross us the finish line. I will also miss all the friends I’ve made throughout my years here.

Anyways, going back to looking for internship. I wasn’t ready to get one. At least that’s what I thought. Internship is sort of like a big final test. All the things you’ve learned in school is utilized at the internship. With fingers crossed, I started looking for some internships within the week I registered for this class. During the finals week of the fall last year, I received an email from AngelList, a great service to find jobs/internships at a startup, saying that a startup is looking for a photography, and if I’d be interested.

Initial email

The initial email I received on AngelList

I was very excited to receive this. The timing couldn’t be any more perfect. We exchanged a few messages on AngelList, and set a time and date for an interview.

This was one of the most informal interviews I did. It was sort of expected that it’s a startup, and  the startup culture is very casual. At the interview, Monil, the founder and CEO of the startup Antandre, pulled up my personal website on his laptop, and started going through it and said that he was very impressed by my work. Then he briefly shared his story and how he came about this startup. Then he asked me to share my story. After learning that I was going to graduate in the advertising field, he asked if I was interested in helping the startup with strategy as well. I agreed. The interview ended and he said he will get back to me within a couple of days and decide if they were willing to work with me.

Next day, I receive an email saying they would like to get me on board! This is what my face looked like:


When I received the email saying they wanted me on board.