Open Lab Assignment # 2 GABRIELA MORAN

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The local environment I chose is the neighborhood I have lived in my entire life, which is Woodhaven , Queens. I personally believe this neighborhood is very clean and safe overall. There are trash cans in almost all corners, especially near businesses and of course restaurants and they never seem to be filled excessively most of the time. The part of Woodhaven that I live in is very close to Brooklyn, practically only a few blocks away. Once you reach that point, I have seen a dramatic change in the street maintenance. The trash cans are filled to the top and in some cases with garbage around them, that have fallen due to the overfilling. In Woodhaven, Queens the trash is picked up right on schedule, however I will admit that you can except to find sometimes the occasional coffee cup or candy wrapper on the ground. But never all around the streets! I am unable to compare this assignment with the previous due to the fact, till this day I have not seen any rodent roaming around the streets in my neighborhood. Nor have i seen them in any train stations, which is mainly because they are above ground, opposed to the underground train stations.

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