Timothy Chui Open Lab 2

My Local environment in my own words would be quiet and clean compared to other parts of Manhattan.That rat picture doesn’t happen where i live. I don’t work yet so i don’t know. And the borough i live is in Manhattan.

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It seems like we produce a lot of waste everyday. Instead of having this much garbage we should recycle more so we will reduce the garbage we throw away. There are a couple of environment waste sources like out on the streets and subways. Also it seems like there are more normal garbage bags instead of recycling garbage bags. This shows that our city likes to use or waste a lot of things.

The rodent activity does concern me because it’s disgusting and it is harmful if any of the poison spreads, including the army of rats. One thing is to keep your home clean and throw away trash that will attract rats and etc. Also another thing is that the sanitation workers need to do a better job cleaning up because lately from what I’ve seen they aren’t cleaning our city well enough. I can not compare the environment with the article from the first assignment because the environment I live around is pretty clean, but i know places not too far away that is.

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