Open Lab Assignment #2

0o0k ll ojkn,o[ photo_1 photo_2 photo_3I live in Brooklyn, New York. I live in¬†between two¬† neighborhoods. One¬†¬†called Bensonhurst and the other called Gravesend. Where I live and where I work are pretty close. My job is only six blocks from where I live. The environment¬†where I live and work is sometimes clean and sometimes dirty. Sometimes the sidewalks a filthy. But if you walk down the avenue where I live you will always see a street¬†cleaner once a week. That helps with¬†all the mess and you¬†will¬†always see people outside their stores sweeping just like I do when I am home or working. There are also days where you will walk¬†down my¬†block or walking to¬†my job and the streets are¬†dirty and¬†the odor is disgusting.¬†There are only a few restaurants by my house. I have a few supermarkets on the avenue also. At night there are large piles of trash outside in the street waiting to be picked up whether its from private sanitation ¬†or the city sanitation. Every night when I close up my job we put the trash out in the front and get it picked up by private sanitation. Something bad about my neighborhood is there isn’t a lot of those corner trash cans so that gives people more of an excuse to litter.

All these pictures show how much garbage there really is. This is just the amount of  waste

one neighborhood in Brooklyn.  We have a lot of people cleaning up the streets and the

the garbage always gets picked up. There is no sigh of rodent activity that I know of. I

haven’t seen any and I hope I don’t. I am pretty sure there are rodents. Every once in a

while you see a possum or you hear one going through the garbage. My neighborhood is

nothing like the neighborhood in the upper east side.

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