Assignment 2: Your local environment

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I live in Williamsburg Brooklyn and behind my apartment is where you can find The Williamsburg Bridge. Williamsburg is known for their unique restaurants, bars, thrift stores, expensive complex condos and for their common hipsters. I used to volunteer in a leadership Center tutoring kids from ages five through ten in my neighborhood. The apartment I am living in now has had a recent fire about a couple weeks ago which explains why there’s So much garbage Piled outside the building. Which seems to be the only waste sourced that the build has. Most of the old apartments in Williamsburg do have problems with rodents such as rats. Many buildings do have a warning sign for rat poison. The Rodent activity in my neighborhood does concern me because rats are one the most dirtiest animals in the world. The poison can be very dangerous to many children and pets but rats are know for spreading diseases. I can definitely relate to the article “rats mob the right upper Eastside” by Andrew Grossman because my neighborhood has a high percentage of rat infestation compared to a lot of parts in Brooklyn. Williamsburg has many train lines like the G,  the L,  the J and the M train which seems to be a huge factor for why the percentage is so high.

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