jamacia queens ny


1469822_757932980887253_831243679_n644525_757932957553922_706100153_n1454746_757933004220584_1280137999_n1441318_757933054220579_141121970_n1467359_757933074220577_1742172043_nThe place where I live is Jamaica queens and it is where I lived most of my life and I can say that it was kind of bad when I first moved here but now it really clean and there is not that much trash you see laying on the floor and if there is people always clean it even if its not on their side. I would have love to get a picture of this open lot a block away from my house it use to be really bad every one would just dump all their trash there and not care and there were some rats but not a lot.

The place where I got most of these picture were from lefferts its the first stop on the A train. I though this would be a good place because there is always piles of trash on the side walks and some of the business that are around there are subway, food stores,  and Guyanese food places. Sometimes there is so my trash there that it starts to stink and the bad thing about it its right next to a bus stop. I don’t think you can go a week without see a pile anywhere around there.

The good thing is all the times I have seen this I never seen any kind of rat around there it not like the trash is open and all over the place it just inn one really big pile.

no I cant compare the article to my neighborhood because mines is pretty clean and there is really no rats the most you would ever see a rat is during the winter time when its getting cold.

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