Assignment 2: Your local environment

Humans shape the environment around them. Read about the Decomposition Study and the Fall Migration stories. Our First Year Learning Community focuses on exploring the world around us and being able to describe it in a quantitative & qualitative manner. For this assignment, you will need to find an area of your local environment you would like to explore. It can be the area around where you live or it can be the area around where you work. This requires you to take out your cell phone and take some pictures to document your local environment. Turn the resolution of your camera down so the images are not too large. Go to your local environment and take images to show use how full the trash can are on the corners. Find 8 trash cans on the corner and take pictures of them. Count the number of restaurants within four city blocks of this area. Locate other sources of food waste (grocery, garbage pile outside of a building). If you see trash piles, document these with your phone as well.

  • Describe your local environment in words
    • is it where you live?
    • is it where you work?
    • what borough is it?
  • Show us your environment
  • Describe any signs of rodent activity
    • does this concern you?
    • do you see any opportunity for interventions that would curb the rodent population?
    • can you compare the environment you described with the article from the first assignment?

Please write this as a post to Openlab as a new entry on the course site. Do NOT post this as a reply to this post since comments do not support posting of images. For help on how to do this, visit the help page. If you have continued problems, visit the New Student Center in the Atrium or visit the Computer lab in the General building 6th floor. Please start this exercise soon since it will take time for you to seek out the appropriate help.This exercise is due Monday November 11th!

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