OpenLab Assignment 2

Sharry Mei

I live in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. It is a very clean neighborhood because it is one of the small neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Dyker Heights mainly consists of one or two family houses. Everyone is really clean and they pick up after themselves, however the neighborhood that I work nearby, Bensonhurst is not as clean. Bensonhurst is a very diverse neighborhood. It is pretty filthy compared to Dyker Heights cause of the number of franchises and the amount of people. I go by Bensonhurst a lot and I usually do not see any rodent activity. I believe there aren’t many because usually there are a lot of neighborhood cleanup activities that are school affiliated. The trash is taken out daily. I do notice wasteful garbage such as coffee cups and drinks that are not fully finished. I cannot compare the first assignment to this because the neighborhood is not that unsanitary. I do not see any opportunity for interventions that would curb the rodent population but I am concern over the stray cat population; they smell bad and make loud screeches every few months; making love. Overall Bensonhurst isn’t a dirty neighborhood that would really have rodent activity. 4146246996_dcf5a2236820131110_164621dfghjkj20131110_16451920131110_16462720131110_16445520131110_16443120131110_164651(1)20131110_164657photo

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