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I took pictures in the neighborhood where I live in Manhattan, of the garbage cans and the trash piles in the street. in the block there are many restaurants, stores and groceries, and different sources of food.I took the pictures in the morning and at night on a Sunday. As you can notice the garbage cans are all almost empty, this is a good thing because it means they came to change them often to avoid the trash on the street, but it is also because the pictures are took on weekend when there is less people around, during the week is much different. I also took some pictures of trash piles in the street at night, and as we can see there are a lot of them, and at every corner of the street. I think this is a problem, especially related to rats. at night you can see many rats around these piles looking for food and these piles are right out of the buildings, this means that there is the possibility that the rats can go in the houses too. Thus I believe it would be better for the neighborhood to find a way to avoid these trash piles standing for long time on the sidewalks. at night rats are running from one to the other. in this way they are just going to multiply in number every day. releating to the first assignment, my neighborhood is very close to the area with the rats problem on 2nd avenue, so I can just confirm, that it is needed to find a solution to this problem.


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