assignment #2

image-399 cent storeasian foodbj 99 cent store
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krispy pizzachinese mexicanjimmy's placepile of trash


The area I chose was in my neighborhood, which is in Brooklyn, New York. There’s many restaurants in my vicinity. There’s a few 99 cent stores, a Walgreen, Rite Aid, deli and grocery stores like Heights food, Aunt Butchie’s(desserts), Chinese food restaurants, pizzerias. Even though there’s a lot of restaurants and stores, not all trash cans are full. Resident’s garbage gets picked up twice every week, Mondays and Thursdays. The corner garbage cans gets picked up 6 times a week, so the garbage cans aren’t always full. I don’t see any signs of rodent activity. When I’m out at night, I never see any rats. I think it’s because the garbage gets picked up often, so there isn’t much that attract rodents. This does concern me. Even though there isn’t any rodent activity, at least that I know of, I’m afraid that rodent activity will occur. If the garbage gets picked up a lot, like always, then I think rodents won’t be a problem. I can’t really compare this to the first assignment because there isn’t any rodent activity in my locality. Maybe there is in certain parts, but from I pass by, and checked, there wasn’t any.

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