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These photos are were I throw away my garbage and also pictures of 4 blocks away from my house in corona, Queens New York and they are a trash bins for plastics, cans, anything other than that goes separate, bigger items go outside the trash bin so that when they come to pick up its easier, The garbage men pick it up every 3 days and if you violate the rules you will get a fine that’s one of the reasons its so organized in my neighborhood. In total there are 3 different bins. Honestly to my surprise there has not yet been any sign of rodents around the trash or my house, since I moved in 4 years ago, Its different than where I use to live where they’re a lot of rodents. Another method my apartment building has is when it gets to full we tie up the garbage bag so stop people from dumping anymore garbage and therefore let them use the other bin they are two bins for each item such as two bins for plastics, two bins for cans, metals and two bins for the other garbage. I believe if people take on this method maybe the rodent population wouldn’t be a problem like it was in the article “Rats Mob The Upper East side”  if they can’t find food how would they survive they will eventually die and yes I understand they’re bodies don’t decompose as you can see in the Decomposition study but eventually the maggots get to them or Humans can get rid of them on their own.



Nathaly Concepcion

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