Assignment #2 -My Local Environment.

My area of choice is my neighborhood where I live. I live in South Ozone Park, Queens. My area is cleaner than most, although it could be better in certain areas. Most of waste products aren’t caused by restaurants in the area, but rather by kids who attend Middle School 226 and Public School 100. Kids litter the streets with milk cartons and other identifiable cafeteria garbage. But as stated before, the litter is hardly noticeable. Other sources of litter are a few pizzeria’s that are in the area. There aren’t that many restaurants around here. I don’t see any signs of rodent activity in this area. But who knows, maybe I wasn’t looking at the right place at the right time. The area described in the First Assignment is hard to compare with that the area in which I live in. This is due to the differences in the population size, and the types of buildings found in these areas. The Upper East Side differs greatly in comparison to my neighborhood. There aren’t nearly as many apartment buildings, or restaurants as there are in the Upper East Side.

Unfortunately, 1 picture of a trashcan and 1 picture of a pizzeria were deleted by accident. RIP those 2 pictures 🙁 … Also, garbage was collected earlier in the day.

Trash1 Trash2 Trash3 Trash4 Trash5 Trash6 Trash7 IMG_7349

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