IMG_0451At City Tech, Science Fiction, ENG 2420 is a popular course regularly offered by the Department of English in the School of Arts and Sciences. The College Catalog defines the course as: “Study of science fiction literature and film, with attention to cultural implications of the genre. Explores the questions science and technology raise about past, present and future societies. Projects, presentations and exams based on readings.” It provides City Tech students with an appreciation for Science Fiction through discovery of its deep connections to all realms of modern life–culture, politics, social systems, science, and technology. While learning how Science Fiction is more than mere entertainment, they have an opportunity to see how the genre brings together artificially distinct disciplines in ways that can inform their own improved interdisciplinary thought and application. Its full course outcomes are can be found in this PDF on the English Department’s website.

Often offered simultaneously are sections of Science Fiction, ENG 2420 with an Interdisciplinary or “ID” designation. All City Tech baccalaureate students are required to take one Interdisciplinary course as part of their degree program requirements. Interdisciplinary courses are co-taught by two or more faculty members from different departments, and draw on the faculty members’ respective knowledges and approaches to provide a learning experience that follows and reinforces interdisciplinarity.