Online classes is something I don’t think I will get used to, mostly because I’m a physical learner.  I also enjoy learning without the technology. I miss turning in physical papers. I used to find myself more organized before rather than now that we use technology for class. Keeping organized is one of my concerns for online classes.  Besides me being organized I really don’t have any other concerns or worries.

This image is a picture of my brother Augusto(Right Hand side) and his friend Andrew. This picture is meaningful to me because it reminds me of the amazing trip we had to Cooperstown. It’s also meaningful to me because my brother doesn’t really like taking pictures and its one of the few photos I have of him. I haven’t seen him in a little over a year because he moved to the Dominican Republic to train and play baseball to get  picked by a scout for the MLB.



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  1. Sarah Schmerler

    This is amazing — so far, I love the photo…

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