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Recipe for How to be a Good Mother


Patience  – 5 pounds

Stamina – 2 pounds

Love – Infinite

A Big Heart — (don’t worry; this will grow)

Open Mind – hopefully you are born with this

Tolerance – pinches as needed; a huge handful when in doubt



  1. Begin to assemble your tolerance, particularly for accepting new things. No matter how much people tell you what being a mother is like, you will still be surprised at the reality.
  2. Listen — to your child and be as open as you can. If you can, add a pinch of self love with this step to make it go more smoothly. Children can be loud and demanding.
  3. Add Patience.   Learning to listen is hard, and, chances are, you think you know best. Try to add a another pinch of self love to the mix to smooth things (this can only be purchased by you, so please never run out).
  4.  Do all the stuff you need to do at the appropriate time.
  5. Repeat any step as needed.

Serves: A family

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