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I’m tired of the online class because I feel I work better in a classroom environment. There’s a lot of distractions which makes it hard to focus on occasion. I like the conversation during class but I feel I would be more involved if I wasn’t sitting in a comfy chair.


I chose this picture because this is how I feel on most days especially with classes and work. Being online in the comfort of your house can be a distraction by itself . Sometimes you think in your head what would you rather finish your classwork or go take a nap but I feel like as long as I stay on track work will win.



Hello Everyone,

My name is Victoria, and I am a freshman at City Tech majoring in dental hygiene. I come from Brooklyn, New York, and love to hang out with friends and go on adventures. My feelings right now are a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and uncertainty. I am excited to be in this college taking this course, but at the same time being anxious about the online learning experience and the fact that it has not been easy learning to use this OPENLAB platform. The present atmosphere considering the COVID-19 pandemic and the political situation in our country makes the future uncertain. I hope to learn how to use the online platform to gain as much as possible from this course and the professor, and I am looking forward to a fruitful Spring semester. I am excited to meet all my classmates, hoping to meet a diverse group full of new ideas and energy. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and successful semester.

I choose this picture because I love adventures and there are still a lot of places I would love to visit and enjoy the sceneries. This a picture of the Amazon forest, one of my intriguing places since it is the most adventurous and ecologically diverse place on the planet.

Thank you so much, everyone. Pleased to meet you.



Hopeful to stay organized and on top of all my assignments.  No worries for this semester, however online school is not my favorite. I definitely like to meet new people like classmates and professors and I learn better with hands on experiences. Especially with a major like mechanical engineering its better to learn in person, but we will overcome these circumstances and make something out of what we got.

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