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Recipe_Shorman Fennell

Shorman Fennell’s Recipe for Executing a Proper Deadlift 


Ingredients/What you’ll need: 


  • A 45lb Olympic Bar
  • Olympic size bumper plates (Any weight that you can lift is fine)
  • Bar clamps ( So the weights don’t slide of the bar during the lift)
  • A dense mat (for the weight plates to rest on)



  • Slide the plates divided evenly all the way on both sides of the bar 
  • Slide and secure the clamps on each side of the bar
  • Place bar with plates resting on the mat


Execution/Lifting Instructions:


Stand directly in front of the bar with your shins against the bar and feet shoulder width apart.

Now bare these key factors in mind; form and technique. Your form is very important to prevalent injury. So, the form is as follows: chest up, shoulders drawn back and head straight. You will maintain this form throughout the entire lift. This means as your body leans over, so does your head (do not keep your sight of vision parallel to the ground, if your chest is facing down, so is your head).


Now that our form is ready, you’ll reach down to grab the bar with your arms right at your side. (don’t stretch your arm outwards away from your body). Grasp the bar and as you lift you want to keep your core muscles engaged, Your core muscles are the muscle you tense up or clinch to brace yourself from and punch to the gut. Plus the muscles that you hold tight to prevent an accident when you have to go badly to the bathroom for #1 and #2. You will tighten all these muscles to assist you in the lift as you breath out at the same time as you lift the bar off the ground.


At this point you should be in a halfway seated position as if you’re about to sit down. Your thighs should not be parallel to the ground. 


Now, the technique is important because you want to ensure that you are using your entire posterior chain to help with the lift. You don’t want to rely only on your lower back. Before you do the lift you want to make sure that you do not over extend your back at the top of the lift or lock your legs. You want to keep your legs slightly bent at the top and your back straight, not tilted past your buttocks. Now, when lifting the bar, lift with your legs and instead of focusing on lifting the bar up imagine that you are pushing the floor down, away from your body. When lowering the bar, come down gradually and casually let the bar drop down onto the mat.


Congratulations! You’ve just completed a proper deadlift.

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