Overview of lessons for the Semester. Check this page for any updates during the semester. Schedule subject to change

Check our Weekly Class Folders for your homework assignments every Tuesday morning!

Week 1: Introduction to our Class Community.  The Power of Reading and Writing. Intro to Zoom and How to Participate in Class. Learning to Make Reading “visible.” Overview of OpenLab course site. (UNIT 1)

Week 2: UNIT 1 Metacognition. Active Reading and Mindful Writing. “Reading Like a Writer.” Annotation.

Week 3:UNIT 1 Somatic Learning. Identifying 4 Learning Types. Where does language live?  “Mother Tongue.” Drafting a Literacy Narrative.

Week 4: UNIT 1 Mindful Commentary and Criticism. “Ad rem, non ad hominem.” Drafting a Literacy Narrative, cont’d. Other forms of literacy: Skills / non-“English class” abilities and interests. Taking our facility seriously.

Week 5:  (Draft of Literacy Narrative Due) UNIT 1    Peer Review. The power of witnessing.

Week 6: UNIT 2  Library Orientation with CityTech Librarian* * this exact date is subject to change, based on the schedule of the Ursula C. Schwerein Librarian(s). Curiosity part 1: reading about reading.

Week 7: UNIT 2 Library Skills and Citations: why cite? Authorship, Credit, Source Awareness. Curiosity part 2: How to ask questions/the value of not knowing. New avenues of gathering information. “Pre-Search” before Research.

Week 8: UNIT 2   Early semester check-in and progress. Civic Online Reasoning: Lateral Reading Skill development. Where are we? (Online and IRL–social location).

Week 9: (Preliminary Draft of Reflective Annotated Bibliography Due) UNIT 2 Civic Online Reasoning: Lateral Reading, cont’d; Click Restraint; Deep Reading; “The Social Dilemma” and social media awareness

Week 10: UNIT 2   One-on-One Conferences with Professor  “Revision” and re-thinking re-writing.

Week 11: UNIT 2/3  One-on-One Conferences with Professor

Week 12:  (Final Draft of Reflective Annotated Bibliography Due) UNIT 2/3   Genre Awareness. Genre Switches discussed. Rhetorical awareness and skill building. Lateral Thinking (deBono).

Week 13:  UNIT 3  Proposals for Genre Projects submitted. Genre Awareness/Workshopping our Projects Peer/Group Projects.

Week 14: (Genre Assignment Due) UNIT 3  (May 10) Reflection and the importance of looking backwards. The power of progress. The Hero’s Journey. Mapping out our Final Reflections. Peer Review.

Week 15:  Final Portfolios Due UNIT 4 (May 15)

Reading Day   No Classes

 Exam Week         Final Class Party