Arch1231 HD65 Fall'21 Prof Rob Rothblatt

Academic Integrity Pledge

Everyone, please read the pledge below and reply to this post to acknowledge your commitment to comply.

Academic Integrity Pledge

I understand the value of personal integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of my professional and personal life. By committing to honesty and personal responsibility, I earn the respect and trust of others. As a student at New York City College of Technology, I recognize that the value of my education is not just being able to say I am a college graduate, but it also incorporates the skills, values, and knowledge I have acquired. I thus commit myself to upholding academic integrity as an important aspect of my personal integrity and professional growth. I understand that academic integrity includes:  

  1. Fully observing the rules governing exams and assignments regarding resource material, electronic aids, copying, collaborating with others, or engaging in any other behavior that subverts the purpose of the exam or assignment, and the directions of the instructor.   
  2. Only turning in work that I have done myself, and not using unattributed work done by others. While working and studying with others can be an effective way to learn, submitted work will be my own.
  3. Giving full and proper credit to sources and references, and acknowledging the contributions and ideas of others, in my academic work.

Further, I have read and understand the college’s Academic Integrity Policy found in the New York City College of Technology College Catalog, p. 56 of the spring 2020 catalog:


  1. Charles sion

    Charles sion and I have committed to comply to the pledge

  2. Tesneem Soliman

    My name is Tesneem and I comply to this pledge

  3. Paola Lazo

    Paola Lazo and I comply to the pledge.

  4. Dexter Goodchild

    Dexter Goodchild complies to this pledge

  5. Fatima Rahman

    I committed to comply to the pledge

  6. Keti Xhaferi

    I, Keti Xhaferi, comply to the pledge.

  7. Brian Dimaano

    My name is Brian Dimaano and I am fully committed to comply to the pledge.

  8. Anthonio Forbes

    I, Anthonio Forbes comply with the academic integrity pledge fully.

  9. Reham Khalil

    Reham Khalil and I have committed to comply to the pledge.

  10. Kevin Chan

    I, Kevin Chan, agree to comply with the Academic Integrity Pledge.

  11. Eduardo Atiencie

    I acknowledge my commitment to comply.

  12. Sandy

    I acknowledge my commitment to academic integrity pledge

  13. Mohammed Ahmed

    I have committed to comply to the pledge

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