Hug a Column: Rob at the Unfinished NJIT Wellness Center 2017
Curtain Wall System for Golden1 Center. Drawing in Rhino/REVIT by Atul Pathare
Sacramento Kings Practice Court 2017 (Paul Crosby)
Architecture is a team sport! David designing NJIT in Kansas City in 2017
No Detail too small: Finger Pull options for a bedroom dresser
Building Systems: Complex geometry Steel Detail at the NJIT Wellness Center in Newark

Hi Everyone:

Endless Need, Limitless Joy, Unending Imagination……Architecture for All

I’m a California boy, and I bring that sense of the frontier to our class – I am inspired by the architects who wanted to make a new, inclusive world, responsive to the changing demands of modern life. The world moves forward, not back.

I love Building, Buildings and Construction. I have had the pleasure of designing both houses (most in Los Angeles) and bigger buildings for the public good:  including several hospitals you may know in NY (King’s County in Brooklyn), the 911 Call Center for NYC (The Hutch Parkway The Bronx) which protects us all against a repeat of the (9/11) terrorist attacks, and I am really proud of the Golden1Center, which is the NBA arena for the Sacramento Kings.  I hope I can impart some of the excitement of those buildings to you, and we learn about what gets YOU excited about architecture and making buildings.


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