1—Monday’s Zoom Link

2—Virtual Coffeehouse Prompt (Due Sunday, May 10)

3—Essay 3: Library Research and Draft of First Page (Due Sunday, May 10)

4—Quiz 4 (Due Sunday, May 10) Email to me, do not post to OpenLab

5—Grade reports of Essay 2

6—Additional Help


Hi Class,

Introduction: We have only three weeks of class left this semester! I can’t believe it, and, at the same time, I can believe it. The shift from seeing you to not seeing you has been hard on me. And, I imagine, not seeing your friends and family (and perhaps your teachers) has been hard for you, too. Let’s try to be strong and make these last few classes smooth and consoling…and educationally helpful. I want to help you all to write a brief research paper that you will be proud of, one that will not be too stressful, one that will help you learn new writing and research skills.




1—Zoom Link:

Topic: Sean Scanlan’s Zoom Meeting

Time: May 4, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 894 5995 6441

Password: 027011




2—Virtual Coffeehouse Prompt: This week we have a lot work to do on our final essay. So, instead of writing a new Virtual Coffeehouse post, I want you to read some Coffeehouse posts written by your classmates and then write a 100-word Comment on a post that connects with your experience or ideas. (Due Sunday, May 10, by 10pm)




3—Literary Research Essay. Now that we have written a research prospectus, we need to explore library research more specifically. Today’s class will focus on two things: Library research using our City Tech Library website and how to construct a solid first page of your essay. We will refer to the first page handout in the Reading’s menu tab.

Homework: Write a draft of the first page of your essay based on the first page handout. (250 words, Due Sunday, May 10, 10pm). Post your first page to the Category: “Essay 3 First Page”




4–Quiz 4 (30 points, Due Sunday, May 10, 10pm)

**IMPORTANT: EMAIL YOUR QUIZ TO ME:   [Paste the questions into the body of an email and type your answers below the questions. DO NOT POST IT to Open Lab]

This is an open-book, at-home quiz. You have the entire week to complete it. You can use any class notes or handouts that will help. Please use full sentences, and select two of the three questions.


1—In “Mrs. Manstey’s View,” compare the major decisions of Mrs. Black and Mrs. Manstey in terms of one of the five types of ethics.

2—In the story “A Good Fall,” what sort of ethics does Ganchin follow when he decides to jump from the five-story brick building? Be specific.

3—Describe the ethics of Megan in “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.”




5–Grade reports for Essay 2


I’ve emailed a PDF grade report of Essay 2 to each student. Please email me if you have questions on your grade or my comments. Overall, the explications were very good.




6—Additional Help for Research Essay:

This link will take you to an example from the Purdue OWL website. Please note that this is not a literary research essay, but it still provides a few details that may help you. First, the colored annotation boxes may help readers understand what the writer is doing and how the essay conforms to research protocols–note how clear the thesis and method are. Second, the writing itself is very strong. Third, the works cited is accurate and contains high quality sources—but please note that we do not use “access dates” in our version of MLA citation style.


As always, email any questions.