Whitney Dale

Research Prospectus  

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan) 

May 3, 2020 


  1. The author of ‚ÄúNew York Day Women‚ÄĚ is Edwidge Danticat. I¬†liked¬†this story because it¬†shows how the readers mother overcame¬†and adapted into a new living.
  2. According to the narrator the mother was afraid to take the subway which then, Suzette worried. However, as she finds her mother in Manhattan she then followed her around and end up discovering more and more about her.
  3. The Daughter: Moved to Brooklyn from Haiti with her family when she was a young girl. A decision she make was to take it upon herself to follow her mother around where she surprisingly founds out what her mother does daily. She also makes the decision to give up her seat for an older woman or pregnant woman due to her respect for her mother.

The Mother: Came to Brooklyn from Haiti with her husband and young daughter. A decision she makes is to take care of peoples children daily. Another choice she chooses to make is to take control of her life and not let fear hold her back to adapt to the new world she’s never experienced.

4. Mother¬†(Ethics): In this short story the speaker‚Äôs mother exhibits feminist ethics. The reason is because¬†her taking care of other people children is a traditional normative for women.¬†Daughter (Ethics): In ‚ÄúNew York Day Women‚ÄĚ the daughter shows deontology ethics. In the¬†beginning she said that she usually wouldn‚Äôt give up her seat for an elderly but, in the end she remembers her¬†mother’s¬†words and realizes that giving up her seat is the right thing to do.¬†Which shows how much respect she has for her mother.