Brendan Gonzalez 

Professor Scanlan 

Research Prospectus 

The story I decided on is “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” by Tony Parsons one of the main reasons I picked this story is because its at an airport and I find airports to be fun and going different places. 

The summary of this story is about a immigration officer in the Uk named Jaswinder Smith who interacts with people entering the UK and making sure they’re there for the right reasons, something she might do is ask questions about your visit and see how you respond just to make sure everything sounds right and if it does she’ll let you be on your way but if it doesn’t add up you won’t, she’ll put you on the side in a room and you’ll need to wait until further notice. 

Main characters- Jaswinder/Jazz and the people she interacts with 

Jazz is good at making decisions on the spot maybe even under pressure when it comes to letting people in the UK. The people she runs into are all different types of people. 

Some ethics Jazz follows are responsibility, choice, principles,honor. Jazz follows those ethics because of her job and they depend on her to follow those for the safety of the UK and the people.