Whitney Dale -Learning Creativity

Whitney Dale

ENG 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

May 2, 2020

One creative thing that I have recently discovered that has helped me during this time is working on my own business. Working on my business has always been my go to place because it give my a chance to show my creativity. Doing business work, I can find myself more relaxed and calmer when I discovered new creative ideas which I scroll through Pinterest and Instagram.

Besides the discoveries, my business is somewhat impacted by COVID-19, I can promote and better my brand. Due to people staying home bored causes them to spend money which is better for in the long run. But, then there people not being able to work to make money which has an effect on my business because they’re not able to buy from me.


  1. Humaiya

    Hey Whitney,
    I like that you are using all this free time to build a brand for yourself and make money. It is very easy to get lazy with all this free time. You also noticed how since people are staying home, they are making much more purchases. This is very clever of you to notice. Now is time to be productive because once schools re-open, we will not have as much time. I have also been trying to make some money during this. Even though I am still learning, it’s a start. I have been trying to learn how to trade and also invest into stocks. My older brother has actually done it for a while and got pretty good at it. Therefore, I am taking advantage and learning from him and also learning myself from YouTube videos, friends and so on.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Whitney,
    Great post about spending your time productively. I hope you continue to improve and increase your business.

  3. Zachary Mccallum

    Hey Whitney,

    Having a business sounds exciting. It’s a good thing that you’re taking the time to improve your business. With this pandemic it’s almost as if we have all the time in the world, so it’s great to see you taking advantage of it. I’ve noticed Pinterest seems to be a great way to consume creative ideas. I may have to try it. Hope all is well with your business and future endeavors.

    From Zach

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