Journal 6

Raysi Perez

Journal 6

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

April 26, 2020

“A Good Fall” by Ha Jin

The short story that I chose is “A Good Fall” by Ha Jin. The Narrator talks in the third person about a man named Ganchin who lived in New York and lost his job as a kung fu teacher because his visa couldn’t get renewed. He asked Master Zong if he could give him his salary, but Zong said that he doesn’t owe him anything. He had no money so he had to stay at his friend’s Fanku’s house since he didn’t have a place to stay at. Another one of her friends offered her place but he decided not to take it. One-day Fanku lied to Ganchin saying that the superintendent was going to the house but it was actually Master Zong taking him to the airport since he was an immigrant. While they were at the airport Ganchin managed to escape and went to a restaurant. He spoke to a man who he called Uncle about him wanting to end his life. Uncle gave him food and tried to convince him not to kill himself. After finishing his food, Ganchin went to the top of a building and decided to jump. He landed on his feet and injured himself badly. After the incident, everyone heard about his story. They heard how Zong didn’t give him his money so Ganchin got a good lawyer to sue the temple. He was also trying to find a way to not get deported. The characters in this short story are Ganchin, Master Zong, Cindy, Fanku, Uncle, Amy, and Jon. (Amy and Jon are the two lawyers). I approve of Cindy who tried to help ganchin with his living situation and Uncle for trying to convince ganchin to not kill himself. I do not approve of Fanku for lying and betraying him and master Zong for not giving him his money and trying to force him to leave. The theme of this story is good and evil. Ganchin was good and Master Zong was bad.


(Word Count: 332)

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Raysi, thanks for your journal. Well done!

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