Very easy getting lazy- Humaiya Sawda

While being quarantined, I feel a main issue I’ve been having is getting lazy and procrastinating. Being home, makes it very easy to do that. It has also messed up my sleep schedule. I go to sleep very late and wake up very late. Quarantine has definitely made my routine a bit strange. But, in order to fix this I have really been trying to wake up early and get all my work done. So this way, I can do whatever I want later in the day. Pretty much, I made a routine for myself and have been trying to stick to it. I try my best to wake up at nine and than I have breakfast, after breakfast I do however much school work I can, After that, I workout and then I take a shower, eat lunch, study and than the rest of the day I do whatever ,such as watch Netflix, bake, do any errands or watch YouTube videos about investing into stocks since this is a new hobby I picked up. I am still learning but my goal is to get the hang of it hopefully. But, it is definitely a challenge trying to follow this routine daily. I am trying my best though.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Humaiya,
    Good problem-solving post. I’m impressed by your scheduling ideas. Thanks for the positive ideas.

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