Problem During the COVID-19 Crisis




In the first few weeks of  home quarantine,I never think about problem I will face, because I thought there were no problem need for worry. I have over 400 medical masks,food supply enough for 2 months,and enough emergency budget,no finance issue,everything looks perfect. The truth is nothing is perfect,one of the factors which I did not put into my perfect home quarantine plan is myself. In the past few weeks distance learning,no need to take MTA subway to school,no any outdoor high-intensity activity. The only outdoor activity that I had is driving,instead of walking outside this is the safest  outdoor activity during the COVID-19 crisis. Lack of enough  activity cause my body weight dramatically increase,a jump from 220lb to 230. This extra 10 pounds become a burden for my daily life,litter bit earlier, my family doctor told me that my blood pressure is high.

First I realized after I eat my lunch or dinner, I feel the size of my T shit is changed,smaller  than it used to be,and I feel my belly is hanging evening when I am seating . Later in a video chat with my father,My father said:“ Looks like you are getting a lot of weight,I can see the fat appear in your face and jaw. You have to do something.” Then I measured my body weight  ,finally realized  my body weigh is my largest cerise  during COVID-19 quarantine.

The best I can do it to increase my indoor exercise such as push up,jumping jacks, playing basketball with my neighbor‘s kids in the backyard  and the same time reduce the amount of energy that I am getting from food, hopefully my weigh will under control soon.


  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Siyu,
    Good problem-solving post. Thanks for sharing your exercise worries. I used to run and bike outside all the time, now I hardly go out and my pants are tight!

    • Joyce

      Hello Siyu,
      Thank you for sharing your struggles. You aren’t alone. Many of us are in the same boat as you. If any of your routine exercises gets boring, there are many great challenging ones on youtube. Give it a try. You’ll feel more stronger!

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