Whitney Dale

Homework for Explication

ENG 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

March 23, 2020

    “New York Subway” is a poem written by Hilda Morley. Reading the poem, Morley uses the symbol of kindness towards good actions. I will explicate a few lines in the poem, it will show you how the symbol of kindness can make another person day. Also as I read the poem, I saw how explication and enjambment was used as she describes what’s around her. She went in depth on who was down there and what was going on in the subway as she was going about her day. As she wrote her poem you can see how each line wouldn’t stop at the end but it will continue to the next line which why I say enjambment was use in the poem.

     On that Saturday evening, Morley describes the types of people that was riding the subway such as high schooler or office women’s. Also, she mentioned the actions that was going on in the station for one another. “The beauty of people in the subway that evening, Saturday, holding the door for whoever”. She explains how people holding the door for someone rushing for the train or giving up your seat for an elderly person are good deeds and she also telling readers that we can also learn to preform good act from each other. Everyday people face many choices in life in which deciding on doing a good deed, whether it’s a life changing situation or just for the moment. As we continue to help one another out of kindness, the choices we make can encourage others.

     Whether we know it or not the New York subways isn’t just a place to go where you need to but a place where we meet new people and learn from one another as you go. As strangers to one another we can all lend out a helping hand as we all come together. As people we perform the act of kindness because it’s the nature of us humans. Hilda Morley poem can open your eyes to the little things that may not seem all that big as a symbol of kindness.