Raysi’s Reflection

At first, it was hard to adjust to everything but once I started to get used to our situation, I’ve been able to do many new activities. In the past few weeks, I started exercising and doing yoga. I started going to the gym before the COVID, so I was mad at the fact that I couldn’t go anymore, but my sisters and I have decided to work out and do yoga every day because we can’t just be lying or sitting down every day. It can also be very depressing and it can mess up someone’s mental health. It’s very important for everyone to be active and since we can’t go out and walk, we decided to do this instead. 

Another activity that I’ve done was spending more time with my family and praying. We’ve been watching movies and playing board games. We’ve watched many comedy movies and my sisters, my mom, and I have watched romantic movies, not my dad, he doesn’t like romantic movies lol. We’ve also played Jenga, dominoes, connect four, monopoly, and bingo. My family and I have started praying in the past few weeks, we’ve prayed for the people who have COVID and for people that don’t have it. We pray that everyone who has it gets better and that the worst doesn’t happen and we pray that the people who don’t have it, don’t get it and if they do get it, that they catch it quickly before it gets severe.


  1. Marchella Prado

    You mentioning our health was important. Not only do we want to be healthy physically but we also want to be healthy mentally and emotionally. Quarantining has its pros and cons but as long as we focus more on the pros of this whole crisis we have going on then hopefully the best will happen soon.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Raysi,
    Thanks for your post about health–both mental and physical. It is so important, and also so hard to maintain forward motion.

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