Leviza Murtazayeva~Reflection~

   The idea of staying home for months does not excite in general. But in every circumstance, one should find a bright side to stay positive and upright. I found myself to be a very active individual who always enjoys being on the go. Realizing that the pandemic is no joke to people. I happily decided to hold my family and myself in self-quarantine. Even though I’m still grieving on seeing my friends, I choose to stay home to protect my loved ones in any case scenario and recommend them to do the same. Staying in quarantine was a lot more rough and complicated experience, in the beginning, I even remember catching myself releasing one small tear from all the stress I was experiencing with, especially from school assignments.

      As of right now, quarantine has been going steady for a while. I have enough time to finish all my assignments, plan and organize my tasks and other things as having everything done on time seems to work out for me. Also, I can spend more time with my pet cat, he finally gets enough attention and gets to spend more time playing when everyone is home. There is now a plenty of time to keep up with my hobbies, like drawing, I drew a really cool illustration, of xxxtentacion (music artist) that passed away a few years ago, as a Simpson character. I am very satisfied that I can keep up with a daily morning jogs now that the weather allows me to do so. Lastly, I am happy I am able to spend a value of time with my family, we have never spent so much time together.



  1. Humaiya

    You pointing out the positives of this pandemic is crucial. I feel people are being very negative through this, But, you have found ways to stay positive and productive. For example, you have gotten in touch with your hobbies again and spending and you are also looking out for your family which is nice. You are also valuing the time that you’re spending with your family now.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Leviza,
    Thanks for your post. Glad you are able to find several positive things.

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