Fall 2017 - Professor Kate Poirier

Author: Zaniyasa

Desmos 1

For the first project, I want to teach how students to interpret and create bar graphs and line plots by utilizing the Desmos program as a visual display. I made an example of both types of graphs by plotting points in a table for the line point graph. I spaced the points on the graph so that they represent the data correctly. I also used inequalities to fill certain spaces in order to fill the bar graphs.


Introducing Zaniya Sample-Anderson

My name is Zaniya Sample-Anderson. I am from  Virginia.

I speak English and  fluent in Spanish.

I became interested in math education when I started tutoring as a part of a volunteer program with young girls. I was told that it was a rare field for women and people of color to dominate which made me want to do it even more.

My favorite type of math is Calculus. My least favorite is geometry which I think is mostly due to the fact that I disliked my high school geometry teacher and his method of teaching.

Once I graduate from City Tech, I plan to start teaching math and African-American history at the high school level.

My hobbies are going to museums, watching cooking shows and of course Jeopardy!