Fall 2017 - Professor Kate Poirier

Homework #3 – LaTeX Scratchpad – due Thursday, September 28

\LaTeX (pronounced LAY-teck) is a commonly used language for typesetting math. There are many ways to use \LaTeX to create professional looking documents (most involve installing an implementation on your computer) but you can also use \LaTeX to type math right in your OpenLab posts.

Professor Reitz has some great instructions for using \LaTeX on the OpenLab here (scroll to “Typing math on the OpenLab”).

It can take some getting used to, your homework is to practice by submitting a comment on this post. Don’t worry about typing something that makes any mathematical sense, just try typing anything. Play around and make a giant mess in these comments. If something doesn’t work at first, don’t worry; just try again. (Note that your first OpenLab comment will have to be approved before it appears.)

You can mouse-over something to see what LaTeX code was. For example, mouse-over this: \frac{d}{dx} \left( \int_a^x f(t)dt \right) = F(x) to see what I entered.

If you submit something that LaTeX doesn’t understand, it will display “formula does not parse” but you can also mouse-over that to see what was submitted.


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  1. Yasmine


  2. Yasmine

    I am sorry. I am just trying to apply Latex here

  3. Zaniyasa

    \left(\sqrt{3x^-2 + 6}\right) - \frac{2x}{2xy -4x +2y^5}

  4. Zaniyasa

    \x^3 + 9

  5. ahmad alsawah

    \frac{x+1}{x^2 + 5x}

    • ahmad alsawah

      \sqrt{x+1} + \sqrt[5]{x+6}

      • ahmad alsawah

        \{x^17-5x+4900} -{y^13+16y+1500}

        • ahmad alsawah

          {x^3+5x} + {x^4-4x}

  6. Hanan


  7. Hanan

    \left( \frac{x}{x+10} \right)^20

  8. Hanan

    $latex \left( \frac{x}{x+10} \right)^(20)

    • Kate Poirier

      Hi Hanan. Don’t forget to close up with another dollar sign at the end!

  9. Violanda


    • Kate Poirier

      Hi Violanda. Don’t forget to add a space after latex but before \frac.

  10. Hanan

    \left( \frac{x}{x+10} \right)^{20}

  11. Yasmine


  12. Violanda


  13. Violanda

    \ sqrt{x^2-1} + \sqrt{x^4+5}

  14. Violanda

    \sqrt{x^2-1} + \sqrt{x^4+5}

  15. Violanda

    \left( \sqrt{8x+19} + \sqrt{6x+13} \right)^2

  16. Violanda

    \left( \frac{x^2+3}{x-2} \right)

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