Below is a copy of what a student submitted last fall for her Desmos project. As you can see, she included a brief description of the project, together with the Desmos link. For her presentation, she had prepared a detailed lesson using the board together with Desmos. In particular, she initially had most of her Desmos project hidden and then turned on the components one at a time during the lesson.

In this lesson, I am going to introduce the three basic transformations of a polygon in a 2 – coordinate plane using Desmos as a tool to present the work. I used Desmos to create polygons starting with creating points. Typically, I worked on basic transformations of a triangle: translation, reflection, and rotation. I used the table to create the points of a triangle. Also, I changed the point style to segment style so I can have the sides of a triangle. Then, I will use two main methods to do these transformations either by moving the points or writing out the coordinates of each point.

This is the Desmo link: