Fall 2017 - Professor Kate Poirier

Introducing Violanda Lubani

My name is Violanda Lubani. I am from Montenegro ( a small country in Southeastern Europe) , but my ethnicity is Albanian. I came to United States three years ago with my family.

I speak Albanian , English , and I understand and speak a little Spanish ( I learned it from “Telenovelas” – Spanish movies).

I became interested in Math since I was in the first grade, and when I was in junior high I became even more interested because I had a professor that was very difficult and hard grader. So, in order to get a good grade,I had to work really hard, and all that work made me like math even more.  I choose to become a Math teacher for many reasons. First reason is to complete my father’s wish. Second reason is that I like Math,and I like to teach it to students. And the third one is that I want to convince future generations that Math is not that difficult and that is a language itself that is beautiful.

My favorite math topic is Calculus, and my least favorite math topic is Probability & Statistics.

I used Maple in Math1476l, and Matlab in Math 2630! I would be interested in learning any technology that is relating to Math even though that I am not a person that likes technology in general.

After I graduate I hope to work as a Math Teacher and Tutor .

Other things that I like to do beside Math are cooking and and going out with family and friends.




  1. Yasmine

    I like the idea of convincing future generation that math is not difficult because when somebody think that any subject is difficult the others believe the same without even trying.

  2. Hanan

    Hi , Violanda , I could say you are a great student , also a great person this was a clear for me when you mention that you love to let your father dream be true and finish your math major , You are one of the best generation we look for you. Best wishes for you.

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