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Upcoming deadlines / reminders/ remainder of the course

Test #3 Review – due May 15

Test #3 Review OpenLab posts are due tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15 at 10am. Don’t forget to add the category Test #3 Review to your post.

Test #3 Solutions – due May 22

Test #3 will be returned in class tomorrow. The Test #3 Solution OpenLab exercise is identical to the ones you completed after Tests #1 and #2 except now you will each chose a Test #3 question. Do not post a photo of the solution from your actual final exam; choose a question you did not get full credit on (or one you didn’t answer) and share your carefully written solution. Your OpenLab posts are due by Tuesday, May 22 at 10am. Don’t forget to add the category Test #3 Solutions to your post.

Edit: For those of you who were absent on Tuesday, here’s a copy of the test questions: Test #3.

Final Exam Review – due May 24

Your final exam review exercise is similar to your previous Test Review exercises. This time, you will choose a question from the updated Final Exam Review sheet, write a complete solution, and post it on the OpenLab with the category Final Exam Review. There are almost 50 individual questions; make sure you post a solution that hasn’t been posted already. Your OpenLab posts are due by Thursday, May 24 at 10am.

Participation Grades – by May 24

Each of the above exercises is worth one point toward your participation grade. Ten participation points total are required for full participation credit. Your current participation points will be posted in Blackboard shortly. If your current participation grade is lower than 10, you can increase it by

  • submitting OpenLab posts for the above assignments
  • sharing your work on the board during class
  • asking/answering questions on the OpenLab x Webwork Ask for Help page
  • attending office hours
  • attending tutoring (ask the tutor for a verification slip to give to me…there are different tutoring programs around campus; I encourage you to visit the Atrium Learning Center tutors in AG-25)

Edit May 15: Your participation grade as of 9pm May 15 (not including extra credit) is now posted on Blackboard. This grade is a sum of 6 numbers:

  1. The number of times you’ve participated in an OpenLab assignment
  2. The number of times you shared your work on the board during class
  3. The number of times you’ve attended office hours
  4. Your effort score on the spring break activity
  5. Your effort score on the spring break quiz
  6. The number of verification slips from tutoring that you’ve given to me

If you have any questions about these grades, we can talk in office hours next Tuesday.

Webwork – due May 23

Don’t forget, all old Webwork sets have been reopened. Everything is now due next Wednesday, May 23 (the night before the final exam). Keep in mind, some sets are due at the usual time, 11:59pm, and others are due earlier, at 11:58pm.

Extra Office Hours – May 22

Next Tuesday, May 22, I will be in my office as usual from 12-1pm and I will also be there 3-5pm. Prepare as though you were taking the exam on Tuesday. Then, you’ll be ready to ask questions efficiently on Tuesday and still have time for a little more last-minute practice before Thursday.

Extra-Credit Assignment – due May 22 and 24

Details of the assignment are here. Memes are due by Tuesday, May 22 at 10am; votes are due by Thursday, May 24 at 10am.

Final Exam – May 24

Your final exam will be given during usual class time 10am-11:40am on Thursday, May 24. Remember your calculator. Plan to arrive early, in case the subway interferes with your commute.




Survey & Webwork


At the beginning of the semester, I announced that our section of MAT 1275 is an Opening Gateways section and that, for the most part, this would only be a behind-the-scenes difference. As a student in an Opening Gateways section, however, you are required to complete a short survey. You can read the consent details at the top of the form. Please answer honestly; I will not see your responses.

Link to survey: https://cunysud.formstack.com/forms/title_v_student_survey

(I may be able to obtain the list of names from the survey administrator; if I can, completing the survey will be good for one participation point.)


All old Webwork sets have been reopened and are now due Wednesday, May 23 (the night before your final exam). You may continue working on them to improve your grade.  Pay careful attention to the times that the sets are due:

  • There are 6 sets on exponential and logarithmic functions (those whose original deadlines had not passed). These are due at 11:58pm:
    • ExponentialFunctions
    • LogarithmicFunctions
    • LogarithmicProperties
    • CompoundInterest
    • ExponentialEquations
    • ExponentialEquations-Calc
  • All remaining sets (those whose original deadlines had passed) are due at 11:59pm as usual.

Reminders: Webwork and Quiz #6

Upcoming Webwork deadlines:

  • ShiftingParabolas, closes 03/21/2018 at 11:59pm EDT.
  • ParabolaVertices-CtS, closes 03/21/2018 at 11:59pm EDT.
  • ParabolaVertices-VertexFormula, closes 03/21/2018 at 11:59pm EDT.
  • DistanceFormula, closes 03/26/2018 at 11:59pm EDT.
  • Circles, closes 03/26/2018 at 11:59pm EDT.

This week’s quiz will cover material from last week’s classes: sections 4.8, 7.2, 7.4, and 7.5.

Webwork, Quiz #4, Test #1, Test #1 Review


Upcoming deadlines:

  • MultiplyRadicals due 02/26/2018 at 11:59pm EST.
  • RadicalEquations due 03/05/2018 at 11:59pm EST.
  • ComplexNumbers due 03/07/2018 at 11:59pm EST.

Quiz #4

Thursday, March 1; will cover material/homework from sections 6.4, 6.5, and/or 6.6.

Test #1

Thursday, March 8; will cover material/homework from sessions 1-9 on the course outline. Questions will be similar to quiz questions and to those found in the textbook homework and Webwork and on the final exam review sheet.

Test #1 Review

This is an OpenLab assignment for you to complete. Choose one question from the textbook homework on the course outline to complete and post your full solution on the OpebLab. Title your post “Test #1 Review” and add the section and problem number. Add the category Test #1 Review before submitting your post. Make sure nobody has submitted your problem already; try to make sure every section that will be on Test #1 is represented. Comment on others’ posts if you have a question about their work.

The idea here is that you as a class are creating a review sheet for everyone to study from for the first test. You will be given participation credit for this post.

Due date: Tuesday, March 6 by 10am


Webwork and Quiz #3


  • SimplifyingRadicals due 02/19/2018
  • AddSubtractRadicals due 02/19/2018

Quiz #3 will be given in class next Thursday. It will cover material/problems from sections 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, and/or 6.4.

Don’t forget: next Tuesday follows a Monday schedule, so we won’t have class.

Webwork and Quiz #2


  • FractionalEquations due 02/12/2018 at 11:59pm EST.
  • HigherRoots due 02/14/2018 at 11:59pm EST.
  • HigherRoots-Algebraic due 02/14/2018 at 11:59pm EST.
  • RationalExponents due 02/14/2018 at 11:59pm EST.

Quiz #2 will be given in class next Thursday. It will cover material/homework from sections 5.4 and/or 5.5.

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