Spring 2018 | Professor Kate Poirier

Introducing Shawn Chisholm

My major is mechanical engineering . I became interested in my major because it was something I always wanted to do from when I was younger, like fix things around the house whenever I had the chance, help my father with mechanic work when he needed help like fixing different things on his car or using tools to help make something. I plan to take math 1375 after I complete this course. When I graduate from city tech I hope to get a job in my field of degree like working at the same place my father works which is Con Edison. I hope to gain more knowledge on the topics we cover throughout this course or refresh my memory on whatever I know already. I’m interested in things like sneakers, clothes, and sports. I like to collect sneakers and buy clothes whenever I have the chance to, and stay active by like working out in the gym or playing basketball whenever I can.  My favorite animal is a tiger.

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  1. Brianna Thomas

    I also have to take 1375 next semester and best of luck on getting a job with Con Edison.

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