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Introducing Boubakary Fofana

Hello my name is Boubakary and my major is Computer Systems Technology. I became interested in my major because I always wanted to learn about how and what runs the technology that’s part of our daily lives. I will take MAT 1375 next because it is required for my major. After I graduate i plan to get my masters degree then start working after that. In this course i hope to further my understanding in mathematics. Lastly my hobby is playing sports.

Introducing Rebecca Loaisiga


My name is Rebecca Loaisiga, and I currently am undercleared radiology of medical imaging. I became interested in this major because i’ve always seen myself being apart of the medical field. I slowly started to become interested in science and being able to learn about the physical body is something that everyone should know. I hope to be able to help others and grow in the industry. I believe MAT 1275 is my last requirement in terms of math courses in the future. What I hope to do after City Tech is to hopefully being able to work in the field and work towards saving to not only have my neccesities but be able to travel the world. What I hope to gain out of this course is to master each task, and seek help when needed ( so going to office hours and having a independent one on one would be so cool to have because math is one of those subjects that I struggle the most with.) Interests is that I like to free write, read books, watch movies, spend time with friends and try new foods. My favorite animal would have to be shitzu dogs.

Introducing Brianna G

I plan on graduating with a degree in accounting. I am interested in Business because I like to learn about how money moves and works in the economies throughout the world.  After 1275 i will head to 1375 because thats what i need for my major and its a gateway to other business classes i need to take.  After i leave city tech i will go on to another school to get my bachelors degree in accounting or finance.

Introducing Melissa Ovando.

Hello all,

            I am currently majoring in Rad Tech, I became interested in my major through the love I have for science and helping people. This is my last math class (thank goodness.) its a requirement for my major before entering the Rad Tech program. After I graduate City Tech I plan to hopefully get a job at a great hospital and travel the world! From this course I hope to actually survive it then break up with math forever. (not a fan) Some of my many interests are music and fashion. Some of my hobbies are sewing, hunting for vintage clothing and eating. My favorite animal is the Jelly Fish.

Introducing Colette H.

Hi, I want to major in nursing. I became interested in this area of medicine because I appreciate the hard work, skill, and dedication that goes into being a nurse. Nurses play a significant role in hospitals, and the idea of helping people inspires me. I love math, (we’re two peas in a pod) but I will not be taking a math class after 1275. After I graduate I would like to find a nursing job at great hospital. My long term  goal is to move to London or Canada because I would like to learn more about the culture. What I want to get out of this course is knowledge that I will be able to use in the future. I love cooking /baking on my free time. My favorite animals are dogs.

Introducing Joshua Robles

My name is Joshua Robles I am majoring in Computer Systems Technology and I am taking this class as a requirement and hopefully get stronger in math in the process. I know a good bit so if you are in trouble I can try to help and I hope this will be a good semester.

Introducing Bryant

Hi my name is Bryant Lai. My major is Construction Management. After taking MAT 1275 I will need to take MAT 1475 for my major. After graduating I plan to start working right away and maybe later in life get a masters degree

Brian Geraldo Introduction

Hi, my name is Brian, my major is Computer Systems Technology. I became interested in my major ever since i was a little kid and had my first computer, i would spend hours in the computer trying to learn new things. My intentions is to graduate as soon as possible and aim to work at Google.


My name is Danny Cruz, my major is chemical technology. I became interested in my major I because believe chemistry is the basis of everything since everything can be broken down to an atomic level. After this course I will  work towards MAT 1475.

Dief R. Gerard

Hello, everyone! My name is Dief Gerard. My major is Computer Engeneering. I choose this major because it is the field that I have the most experience in and that I feel the most comfortable in. After graduating from college, I hope of being able to build machines. From this course, I hope to earn the academic skills that will enable me to quickly bring accurate solutions to complex problems that are related to Physics. I am a great soccer player, I like to listen to music, and horse is my favorite animal.

It is a pleasure for me to be one of you!

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