At the beginning of the semester, I announced that our section of MAT 1275 is an Opening Gateways section and that, for the most part, this would only be a behind-the-scenes difference. As a student in an Opening Gateways section, however, you are required to complete a short survey. You can read the consent details at the top of the form. Please answer honestly; I will not see your responses.

Link to survey:

(I may be able to obtain the list of names from the survey administrator; if I can, completing the survey will be good for one participation point.)


All old Webwork sets have been reopened and are now due Wednesday, May 23 (the night before your final exam). You may continue working on them to improve your grade.  Pay careful attention to the times that the sets are due:

  • There are 6 sets on exponential and logarithmic functions (those whose original deadlines had not passed). These are due at 11:58pm:
    • ExponentialFunctions
    • LogarithmicFunctions
    • LogarithmicProperties
    • CompoundInterest
    • ExponentialEquations
    • ExponentialEquations-Calc
  • All remaining sets (those whose original deadlines had passed) are due at 11:59pm as usual.