5% participation
10% quizzes
10% WeBWorK
20% highest term test
15% second highest term test
10% third highest term test
30% final exam


Homework will not be collected. Instead, online homework sets will be due, usually on Monday and Wednesday nights.

There will be a short quiz at the beginning of class each Thursday for weeks when there is no term test scheduled. Quiz questions will be based on homework questions from the textbook or from WeBWorK. Latecomers will not receive extra time. No make-up quizzes will be given.

There will be three tests given in class. Latecomers will not receive extra time. No make-up tests will be given. If you miss a test, you must provide a reason and supporting evidence; your final exam grade will be used in place of the missed test grade. Any student who misses two tests will be automatically withdrawn from the class.
Tentative test dates:
Test 1: March 1
Test 2: March 29
Test 3: May 8

Final Exam:
The final exam will be given in class during the last class meeting of the semester. It covers all topics studied. It must be taken to pass the course.

Exam date: May 22
The final exam accounts for 30% of your overall grade.

You are expected to participate in class and in online discussion on the OpenLab. Details will be announced in class. You will be assigned a participation grade out of 5.

Grades will be posted in Blackboard‘s gradebook throughout the semester.