This assignment is inspired by Julia’s amazing distracted boyfriend/freshman’s dream meme find. Your assignment is to make your own math meme. The rules are:

  • it has to involve real math (it doesn’t have to be math from this course)
  • it has to be family friendly (nothing too racy)
  • it has to be your original content (not copied from somewhere)
  • you may submit as many different memes as you like.

You might like to use an online meme generator like the one here. Do your best to make your meme relevant and funny, like Julia’s. This might be hard; I’ll include one of my own but it won’t be very funny.

Part 1

Submit your meme as an OpenLab post by Tuesday, May 22 at 10am with the category Extra Credit. Everyone who submits at least one meme will earn one point toward their participation grade.

Part 2

After everyone’s memes have been posted, you will vote for the best one. You will vote by commenting on that OpenLab post with just the word “vote.” Votes are due by Thursday, May 24 at 10am. The person with the most votes will earn an extra 2 points, added to their overall grade (in addition to the participation point).


Expanding brain meme with captions (1) I like memes (2) I like memes about math (3) I'll make a meme about math (3) I'll make my students make memes about math and send them to me for extra credit